UK Trade Mission to Sudan | December 2016

sudan flagThe Middle East Association (MEA) will be leading a multi-sector Trade Mission to Sudan from 5th to 9th December 2016. The Mission is timed to coincide with “British Week”, organised by the British Embassy, promoting the UK in Sudan.

The British Embassy will assist Mission participants with a programme taking into account individual needs. We also anticipate that the Federation of Sudanese Businessmen will be part of the programme and that they will be an important source of advice on contacts and priority sectors, namely: agriculture, healthcare, education and training, mining, renewable energies, engineering, bulk materials handling, telecommunications and financial services.

International trade missions provide an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and to exchange information about your company’s products & services.

Company representatives attending trade shows and market events in the Middle East are advised that Arabic business cards and Arabic-language promotional materials should be considered a basic requirement.

Not only is this an important opportunity to provide essential contact information in your client’s language, it also shows commitment and indicates a degree of respect towards your potential business partners.

As a result, excellent Arabic translation is vital in order to present your company and your products in their best light.

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Event Details

  • Market: Sudan
  • Date: 5th – 9th December 2016
  • Organiser: Middle East Association (MEA)